Monday, January 16


It's been a looooooooooooong time since i blogged! nobody reads my blog.anyway, and that's the reason im blogging! :D I can shout it out how i feel,wanting people to know and not wanting them to know at the same time!

I've migrated to Canada since july 27, 2011 !! BOY I SURE MISS MALAYSIA! But at the same time, I'm lovin it here! I can't believe I'm saying this but, I LOVE SCHOOL IN CANADA!
Yepp!! It's my school!! I have awesome friends here! (: People here sure are awesome!

For those who suck at Geography, Yes, There is SNOW in canada! My cousins, sibling and I even Made a snowman - Normaepac. Who got destroyed by u
nknown people within 2 hours =.=

Infront Of Ma Home.
Normaepac. <3

It's still winter and I'm still enjoying it! ^^
A Smile A Day Keeps The Sorrow Away.

By : BubbleCakes.

Wednesday, January 20


*dont be bothered to read if you're NOT one of my best friends. especially boys.

you know.. today i've learnt one OBVIOUS thing. that guys aren't really as tough as they look. they act tough but really soft in the inside. So. i had a BAD DAY today. i if i could see i falling star, i'd wish today never exist.

it all started in skul. i went happily but late. who cares anyway. n i heard some IDIOTIC people gossiping about me. bla bla bla.. worst of all..its the boys who are doing it. WHAT THE HELL? if you got any problem with me, just tell me lar. anything wrong? why must spread until the whole skul thinks im that......negative? or if you're just desperate for something just say. i hate people saying things indirectly. anything jst tell it str8 forward. but of course, reason it out. Dont say i suck just because u hate me. tell me you hate me instead of "you suck".

and then. back to cousins house n i found out i had no lunch. I BARELY ATE BREAKFAST! anyway my aunty gave me something to eat. this is all thanks to my stupid bro. i told him that todaydont have any activities in skul so were back for lunch. and he didnt listen due to the STUPID TV! he's a tv addict. if he eats infront of the tv, he wouldnt listen to anything else. he wouldnt even know is he's dead!

and then when my dad came to fetch us. the sun piercing PASS MY LINE! made me sooo angry with my father that he is late. after that. he told me to take my clothes back in. he said "mine" not any body else. so i took mine n went to wash my face. n WHAT THE CRAP half way he bang in the toilet n say i took only my clothes. excuse me? didn't he say "my"? then i say aft a wash my face. he straight take my towel n scrub it into my tender face! what if i suffocate n die? plus, the towel was just around my neck. he just pull it. what if it stragled me? from young he alwys told us not to do anything dangerous but he just did far for children raising..? ok. SO HE CROSSED THE LINE! i was FREAKING PISSED i ignored all of his actions his words his curses bla bla bla.

and the conclusion, DONT CROSS THE LINE before you get in serious trouble.

Thursday, December 17



WAHAHHA! MY TEAM! ATTACK! kenot see me im hiding behind holding the white flag =p




soo mani ppl :DDDD

from the left: Wen,Joel,Desmond *concentrate*


Star Gazing<33



from the left: michelle, Delia, Joel, MEE!

me & Alicia<33

Me, Michelle and aunt.Choy Quin<3



Sunday, December 13

YLDP 2009!!!!!!!

before i went to yldp, i didn't have the mood to go. Bcuz, i was addicted to maple :X i know i know...bad bad...anyway i went there and realised that Darynn and Daphne and Darren din go== only cherrie went. anyways, of course i made friends there (:

1st day..
i went to TMCPJ for the bus heading to cameron highlands. i got there quite early so only Edwin and Zhiwei is there.(not bad i rmbr their names) then came KinHoe and his cousin. i dono his cousin's name== anyway, we got on the bus around 9am n reach there around 2.45pm (: then just crap around aft that. until sleeping time=p oh yeah,i showered in the evening. UNFORTUNATELY,the heater spoilt. so almost every1 bathe cold water. the water was FREEZING COLD that my hands actualy turned purple.

2nd day..
i woke up at 6.30am cuz i was cold and couldn't sleep back-.- didnt have a good night sleep..haihz. then i had breakfast n i get to know my devotion group(group 13) then i went for my session. here,i met Koh-Cheng Jia Wen and Rebekah. aft that,was lunch,,blabla then TEAM BUILDING! We went to a field near by. there we played some...command and conquer game=.= it was so cool but i got a sponge hit on my hair EW! and i stepped on mud. thanks to ZhiWei..!! and i didn't shower aft that.REASON: Timothy say no time. we have to practice for tonight's worship. so i was co-worship that night! it was okay i guess. people say i sound like Radiance, really? and Radiance say my voice so sweet o.o

3rd day..
everything almost same. but no team building. whole say session=.= anyway,i met michelle(roommate-sleeping abv me) and her friends :Alicia,Rachael,Becky,Ashwini,Kim.(sorry if i forget any1). AND TONIGHT IS SPECIAL NIGHT! during the cold and dark night,we played games! my team was "Quarterback!" 1st game i played is the rice game..o.o 'put ur face on the plate full of rice then sweep it into a bottle. objective:get the most rice. Isaac say "put saliva on ur face so can stick more!" then me n Theresa put some on our face..Angeline and Yin Tze nvr put o.o so gross XP 2nd game is the mentos game o.o objective:chew as many mentos your team can. each of us supose to run to the table where the "bowl" is then put your face inside the bowl which has mentos,water and flour. THAT WAS SO COOL! aft you done chewing the HARDD mentos, you go back to your team,you will shiver!! xD anyway 3rdgame is eating a sponge cake. objective:finish the cake. our team pair up 1 boy 1 girl, girl cut boy eat. so i paired up with Isaac. i cut too big so he cannot stuff it in his mouth so i have to continue eating then he eat again. and that night they gave newspapers scotch tape,straws, a corn. to build a structure so tahan 2corns=.= my team was the only team who fell.

4th day..
last night here..SAD! anyway, activities like normal. team building was uhh..sorta stressful cuz some were not halping ): anyway we made it through ^^ then at night i went star gazing. well, at least a while.. it was so beautiful! the whole sky filled with stars ^^ then suddenly a van came n SPOIL THE WHOLE THING D: i actually lie down on the bitumen road to see the stars with Rebekah,KinHoe and dono who else..

5th day..
day to go back ): i was eating.....then somebody say "the bus is here!!"oh no! i stuffed everything inside!! @.@ then didn't get to hug every of my friends ): so i sat with MeiYan in the bus. then when we stopped at tapah, i had carsick=.= almost every1 had carsick. then Kinhoe and his friend(forget whats his name) help me up a high wall to sit :D then in the bus meiyan sat infront then kinhoe sit beside me. whoa,he can really talk @.@ n its cool! it passed my time o.o when i reach TMCPJ, SAD! gotta go back home ): and i had christmas dinner at cousin house! YAY!

Tuesday, November 24

[M]agnectic [R]esources [I]imaging

today horr...i went to the hospital. for MRI scanning. anyway..cut the long story short. In the room only me can go in T_T daddy!!Mother!!noo!! then she call me to take out everything F6 in a changing room larr..except underwear<3 n im not suppose to wear anything metallic. i took out my earring my necklace my bra xD then wear clothes o.0

Then she injected dye in me so the scan can be more clear^_^ when she injected i was like!! [TAHAN!!!TAHAANN!!!] SOOO pAINfUL WEih!!!! anyway. she took out the needle and put uhh sorta dye..hvnt inject inside my blood...then she call me to wait n hold the syringe T_T then when it was my turn..i went in the room..

The guy so friendly wehh..;p anyway,i went into the machine..soooo noisy n boring!! cannot move somemore!! so i just sing songs in my head to pass the time<3>w<

Tuesday, November 10

Actual birthday 10.11.94

the day started when i woke up F3. i went shopping<333
Mc FlurrRRry<333

wai sek guai~~ kakakaka

wohoo~ sexy body x]

OMG!! pregnant lady on the left.. F3



O.O left prettier F3

looks so nice on me F3 OMG FATTY ON THE RIGHT

pretty as usual~~~~